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Oct. 1, 2008
Air bearing actuator Airpel-AB air bearing actuator combines air cylinder linear actuation with zero friction air bearing technology. Features & Benefits

Air bearing actuator

Airpel-AB air bearing actuator combines air cylinder linear actuation with zero friction air bearing technology.

Features & Benefits

  • Available in metric models with four bore diameters and 10 standard strokes to provide precise repeatable driving or supporting forces from 2 gm to 58 kg

  • Operating temperatures range from -20° to 90° C

  • Provides force without friction by a specially shaped stainless steel piston precisely fitted to a borosilicate glass cylinder

  • Ultra-low friction ball joints connected to rod reduce output force

Airpot Corp.
(800) 848-7681
Circle 160

Harmonic linear drive

HLD60 linear belt drives are designed with a recirculating belt to eliminate the need for a gearhead or brake.

Features & Benefits

  • Stroke lengths from 100 to 3,200 mm and equivalent pitch ratios from 2.5 to 12.5 mm/rev

  • Custom strokes also available

  • Fully integrated units provide closed-loop brushless servomotor, drive amplifier, optical encoder, I/O, field bus option, belt actuator, and bearing support

  • Produces thrust up to 450 newtons, with average moment loading up to 150 Nm

  • Provides near zero backlash solution with bidirectional repeatability approaching 60 µm and unidirectional repeatability less than 20 µm

Animatics Corp.

(888) 479-6888
Circle 161

Servo drives

SV series servo drives feature a digital PID loop with velocity and acceleration feed forward to maximize position accuracy throughout every move, and digital DQ current loop with sine commutation delivers smooth motion, while widening system bandwidth.

Features & Benefits

  • Three flexible control options standard with protection against over and under voltage, over-temp, motor shorts, and motor open phase

  • Compact, programmable OEM servo drives measure just 5.0 × 3.0 × 1.75 in.

  • Deliver 7.0 A rms continuous or 14.0 A rms peak output current from a 24 to 80 Vdc power supply

  • Provides eight digital inputs, four digital outputs, and two analog inputs with a RS232 or RS485 communication interface

Applied Motion Products
(800) 525-1609
Circle 162

Brake motors

Three-phase Short Series Brake Motors feature an integral Dodge spring set brake for compact and cost effective design.

Features & Benefits

  • Dc brake is magnetically released with built-in single phase rectifier and manual release lever

  • Brake leads are brought to motor conduit box for connecting motor leads or connecting separately when used with inverter

  • Available for 230/460 and 575 V operation in NEMA sizes 56 to 184 C and 1/2 to 5 hp

  • 56 to 140 frames have low profile, F3 top-mounted conduit boxes; brake motors can be universally mounted, both inverter ready

  • 143-145TY and 143-145TYC frame motors have a special base with 56, 143, and 145 slots used on OEM conveyors

Baldor Electric Co.
(479) 646-4711
Circle 163

Miniature disc couplings

Miniature disc couplings are motion control couplings with zero backlash, speed capabilities up to 10,000 rpm, strength and torsional stiffness, and low inertia.

Features & Benefits

  • Available in single and double disc styles

  • Good misalignment in double disc style with no vibration dampening

  • Double disc available with an anodized aluminum center spacer or electrically isolating acetal center spacer

  • Both disc couplings offered in clamp and set screw with standard ODs from 15 to 57 mm, and bore sizes from 1/8 to 1 1/4 in. and 3 to 30 mm

Ruland Manufacturing Co.
(508) 485-1000
Circle 164

Compact magnetic encoder

M15 modular magnetic encoder is specifically designed to perform in dirty and harsh environments.

Features & Benefits

  • Easy to install due to magnetic technology and motor shaft tolerances

  • Accommodates a wide range of motor shaft end play; available in resolutions from 100 to 2,048 lines with 4/6/8/12 pole commutation and reference pulse options

  • Combines a direction-sensing Hall effect encoder and integrated index pulse with a high-resolution multiplying circuit, producing the same quadrature output signals as an optical encoder

  • Low profile of 0.68 in. tall and 1.6 in. diameter

  • Fits numerous shaft sizes

The Timken Company(330) 438-3000
Circle 165

Synchronous motors

8LT series three-phase synchronous motors provide a compact solution for the most demanding applications.

Features & Benefits

  • High-torque motors are available in two sizes with supply voltage ranging from 400 to 480 Vac and a rated power of 0.11 to 21 kW

  • Available with self-cooled or externally-cooled options

  • Easily integrated in a range of applications

  • Motors have a high power rating with a stall torque of 50 to 900 Nm

  • Embedded parameter chip guarantees identification of all device data (serial number, type, manufacturer data); can be read and registered electronically without removing components

B&R Industrial Automation Corp.(770) 772-0400
Circle 166

Variable frequency inverters

CFW11 Vectrue variable frequency inverters combine V/F, sensorless vector, VVW, and vector (with encoder) control techniques all in one product.

Features & Benefits

  • Connect-and-use technology eliminates manual configuration

  • Built-in memory card allows users to create functions without an external PLC

  • USB connection enables Superdrive programming and monitoring software for PC and Windows

  • HMI offers backlit graphic display with left and right soft keys for easy programming and operation

  • Thermal management enables full protection of IGBTs, with monitoring of heatsink and internal air temperature

  • Normal and heavy-duty ratings available; choose from flange and surface mounting options

WEG Electric Motors Corp.
(800) 275-4934
Circle 167

Clutch brake positioning control

CBPC-3590 offers closed-loop control operation for baggage handling.

Features & Benefits

  • One-board, microprocessor-based design simplifies and speeds initial setup

  • Internal display and keypad prevents unauthorized access to settings; fault notification feature includes offline relay option

  • Input Power: 120 Vac, +/- 10%, 50 to 60 Hz, single phase, 300 VA maximum

  • Output is adjustable 0 to 90 Vdc; PWM full wave rectified dc and output frequency is adjustable from 60 to 400 Hz via keypad

  • Positioning and stopping accuracy less than +/- 4°

Warner Electric Co.
an Altra Industrial Motion Co.

(800) 234-3369
Circle 168

Cartesian motion systems

CamoLine introduces easy-to-install connection technology, saving time and money for applications using pick-and-place or other multi-axis Cartesian or Gantry systems.

Features & Benefits

  • Includes electromechanical and pneumatic axes, bolt-together connection technology, and aluminum structural framing, allowing engineers to create the best fit for their applications

  • Includes pneumatic, ball screw, and belt drive actuators offering high positioning accuracy, or fast travel speeds

  • Servomotors, side drives with timing belts, and planetary gears complement a variety of design requirements

  • Standardized brackets and cable management simplify design and construction tasks

Bosch Rexroth Corp.
(800) 322-6724
Circle 169

Color machine vision camera

CleverDragon suite of digital cameras includes three high-speed color models, offered in a resolution range of UXGA to QSXGA.

Features & Benefits

  • Featured on two models is Power over Camera Link (PoCL) technology, allowing transfer of image data, power, and control signals on a single cable

  • All-pixel-readout CCD enables a maximum acquisition of five-megapixel 12-bit color images (2,456 × 2,058) at speeds up to 15 fps (UXGA), or faster when in partial scan mode

  • Color can be output as RGB 24-bit or RAW 12, 10, or 8-bit images

  • Built-in shock and vibration-resistance assures optimal performance in harsh industrial settings

  • Digital interface allows connection to other equipment along with software control of camera settings

Toshiba Teli America Inc.
(949) 770-8354
Circle 170

Drop-in replacement gearmotor

VWDIR03 right angle fractional hp gearmotor, designed as ac/dc Von Weise drop-in replacement, operates on 115 Vac, 60 or 50 Hz, or 115 Vdc offering versatility in mounting, output shafts, and speed control.

Features & Benefits

  • Available in 13 standard models, with output speeds from 4.5 to 100 rpm and torques from 27 to 250 in-lb.

  • Speed controlled with rheostat or simple “light dimmer” triac electronic control

  • Choice of left, right, or double output shaft configurations, all position mounting, and reversible 1/15 hp motor rotation

  • Custom models available

Bison Gear & Engineering Corp.
(800) 282-4766
Circle 171

Ac motors

OMT series general purpose ac motors are single-phase and 115/208-230 V motors available in fractional and integral hp.

Features & Benefits

  • Totally enclosed fan-cooled 56C frame motors constructed of industrial-gauge rolled steel with class F insulation

  • Rated speed of 1,725 rpm, 1.15 service factor, rated for continuous duty

  • Suited for water treatment industries

Omega Engineering Inc.
(888) 826-6342
Circle 172

Optical incremental encoder

Compact MOD70 series optical incremental encoder features a broad range of standard code disk radii with a miniature lead-frame caliper that surface mounts directly to a PCB.

Features & Benefits

  • Meets tight packaging and high resolution requirements

  • +/- 0.010 in. tolerance for axial movement and 50 mA max power consumption

  • Chips offer 5V TTL dual channel quadrature output with index options; standard resolutions from 90 to 2,540 CPR

  • Stainless steel code disk available from 0.385 to 0.920 in.

  • Fits shaft diameters from 0.125 to 1.0 in.

BEI Duncan Electronics
(949) 341-9500
Circle 173

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