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Sept. 1, 2008
No-maintenance guides DryLin T adjustable profile guide rail resists corrosion and performs in dirty or washdown environments. Features & benefits Dimensionally

No-maintenance guides

DryLin T adjustable profile guide rail resists corrosion and performs in dirty or washdown environments.

Features & benefits

  • Dimensionally interchangeable with most traditional recirculating ball guides; anodized-aluminum T-shaped rail, iglide J polymer material blend gliding elements

  • Lightweight, inserts for lubrication-free operation, adjusts easily; shock absorption; low inertia for high acceleration, speeds

  • Food, medical, cleanrooms

igus Inc.
(888) 803-1895
Circle 160

Shock-absorbing jaw couplings

Expanded line of zero-backlash jaw couplings includes more compliant spider elements for applications where greater shock absorption is needed.

Features & benefits

  • Two hubs with curved jaws and an elastic element; polyurethane spider provides dampening of impulse type loads, minimizing shock to the motor and other sensitive equipment

  • Three different hardnesses (durometer of 85, 92, 98 shore) allow customization to application parameters, including torsional stiffness and the amount of shock absorption required

  • Press-fit spiders, generous chamfers for easy assembly, curved jaw profile concentrates forces on spider's limbs to center

  • Diameters from 15 to 57.2 mm, set screw and clamp style, metric and inch bore sizes from 3 to 30 mm

Ruland Manufacturing Co.
(508) 485-1000
Circle 161

Control software

GEN-2 software for MS Series line of programmable indexers and Accu-Ring rotary tables provides extensive features and performance.

Features & benefits

  • Simple indexer setup and configuration from touch screen, commands in English, no programming required

  • Individual electronic torque control for motion and dwell, dynamic home adjust for precise tuning of the home position even while indexer is running, advanced recovery routines with eight selectable motion sequences

  • Teach mode for simple definition of executable sequence of positions; fieldbus capabilities for Ethernet, DeviceNet, Profibus, Modbus RTU; touch-screen display help screens; part of drive/control package that includes servomotor, digital ac servo controller, absolute position feedback, touch screen pendant

Centricity Corp.
(330) 545-5624
Circle 162

Polyurethane-coated bearing

Polyurethane-coated non-marking bearings reduce noise, improve traction, and reduce wear on cam tracks.

Features & benefits

  • Shore 80A polyurethane available in blue

  • Other colors and durometers available with a short lead time

  • Food-grade urethane available on stainless steel bearings

Carter Mfg. Co. Inc.
(616) 842-8760
Circle 163

Flexible coupling

W-series coupling offers convenience of metric sizing and fasteners for many designs, from driving components with light torque requirements (encoders and tachometers) to lead screw and pump applications requiring greater torque.

Features & benefits

  • Single-piece, flexible couplings compensate for mechanical movement irregularities such as angular and skewed misalignment, parallel offset, and axial motion

  • Constant rotational velocity and smooth bearing loads with no maintenance, backlash, or lubrication

  • Manufactured in diameters (OD) of 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, and 50 mm

  • Inch and metric bore sizes available and may be combined

Helical Products Co.
(877) 353-9873
Circle 165

Linear rail covers

Gortite standard and custom manufactured linear rail covers are available for use on all makes of linear rails.

Features & benefits

  • Bellows type protective covers are manufactured of durable neoprene coated nylon material

  • Protect linear motion systems from contaminants in all types of industrial environments

  • Available for light, medium, and heavy-duty applications

  • Some sizes available from stock

A & A Mfg. Co. Inc.
(800) 298-2066
Circle 164

Dc output modules

DirectLOGIC option modules include new fault-protected output modules designed for DL205 PLCs.

Features & benefits

  • F2-16TDxP 16-channel current output modules

  • Sinking and sourcing configurations

  • 16 input points automatically assigned as fault status indicators for corresponding outputs

  • Electronic short protection, detect missing external 24 Vdc, open load, over-temperature, over-current load

  • User-resettable fault conditions

(770) 889-2858
Circle 166

Cantilever linear actuator

Ballscrew-driven cantilever actuator EGSA reduces cycle times by offering high performance mechanical components with a wide choice of motors to suit any application.

Features & benefits

  • Short strokes with repetition accuracy of ±0.01 mm

  • Available as complete solution (motor and controller) or individual component adapted to third-party motors

  • Motor mounting kits for axial or reverse parallel motor configurations

  • EGSA can be integrated into Festo modular multi-axis systems

  • Sizes 50, 60; stroke lengths 100, 200, 300; max working load 6 kg; max speed 1.5 m/sec

Festo Corp.
(631) 435-0800
Circle 167


Excelon Pro all-composite filter-regulator-lubricator combines high tensile strength and low-weight composites.

Features & benefits

  • Built-in wall mounting and push-in fitting connectors

  • Ease of configuration allows for versatility, inventory cost reduction

  • Widely used sizes and options including 10 different base units and 19 porting options

  • PTF, ISO R, ISO G metric or imperial push-in fittings

Norgren Ltd.
(800) 766-6674
Circle 168

Rotary tables

RT4 series offers a 4 in. diameter tabletop and 4 × 5 in. footprint to carry loads up to 100 lb.

Features & benefits

  • 4 arc-min positional accuracy; 0.03° run out; 1 oz-in. breakaway torque with loads of 50 lb.; 1,750 rpm maximum input speed and 100 lb. load capacity

  • Black anodized aluminum construction with 303 stainless steel worm and shafting with 464 bronze gear

  • ABEC 7 stainless steel bearings, thrust washer for smooth tabletop rotation

  • NEMA 17 stepper motor mount or hand crank models are standard

  • Available in gear ratios of 45:1, 90:1, or 180:1

PIC Design
(800) 243-6125
Circle 169

Precision shafting

Ready Shafts are precision case hardened and ground shafting packaged in protective plastic sleeves.

Features & benefits

  • Cut to length, chamfered, precision polished, and individually packaged in a VCI plastic sleeve

  • 60 plus C1060 steel

  • 440C stainless steel also available

  • Maximum length 72 in. with shaft diameters up to 1.5 in.

  • Metric shaft diameters 8 to 40 mm; maximum length 1,500 mm

Lee Linear Inc.
(800) 221-0811
Circle 170

Stepper motor controller

X20 stepper motor controllers feature an IP20-rated stepper controller for the X20 controller and I/O system.

Features & benefits

  • Extremely compact X20 modules designed for bipolar 2-phase stepper motors, 1 A (24 V) or 3 A (18 to 48 V) rated current

  • Module carries out maximum number of microsteps (up to 256) at particular step frequency

  • Holding, boost, and continuous current can be set separately

  • Automatic motor detection, four inputs for end switches or encoders, and complete integration in Automation Studio and Soft CNC

B&R Industrial Automation Corp.
(770) 772-0400
Circle 171

Precision line shafts

Torsion-resistant flexible bellows and precision-extruded tube with high degree of straightness and lateral stiffness allows for simple and convenient mechanical interface without compromising accuracy or stability of motion system.

Features & benefits

  • Easily customized with various materials, treatments, and mounting options

  • SKZ/XX is plated for corrosion resistance with integral torque limiter for torque overload protection

R+W America
(630) 521-9911
Circle 172

Photoelectric sensor

Upgraded BOD 63M time-of-flight laser sensor has shorter 200-mm dead zone, second discrete output, and resolution of less than 1 mm.

Features & benefits

  • Range of 6 m, suitable for long-range applications such as hot steel ingot measurement; senses minute variations in targets up to 20 ft away

  • Two independently adjustable setpoints create ON-OFF window; analog output signal provides errorless measurement in complex applications

  • Application example: For roll diameter detection, where outputs are set to alert operators to change roll

Balluff Inc.
(800) 543-8390
Circle 173

Pneumatic rotary actuators

Directconnect series features a rack and pinion drive enclosed in a case hardened turntable for extended wear and life.

Features & benefits

  • Piston consists of Delrin — a lightweight, low-friction, and wear-resistant thermoplastic

  • Pinion supported with upper and lower sealed ball bearings for extremely long life: rated at 5 million cycles (10 million with maintenance)

  • DRF series has a one-piece, lightweight, aircraft-quality aluminum body (body and end plates are black anodized and steel parts are black oxide)

  • Suitable for packaging, electrical assembly, and automotive industries

Omega Engineering Inc.
(203) 359-1660
Circle 174

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