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Aug. 1, 2008
Shock-resistant encoders Sendix encoders with 12-bit analog and 14-bit CANopen outputs are designed for applications requiring rugged, high-resolution

Shock-resistant encoders

Sendix encoders with 12-bit analog and 14-bit CANopen outputs are designed for applications requiring rugged, high-resolution encoders.

Features & benefits

  • Die-cast housings, resistance to humidity, IP69K protection

  • Sensor-Protect technology delivers fully encapsulated electronics and separated mechanical assembly for high resistance to shock (rated to 500 g) and vibration (to 30 g)

  • Safety-Lockplus technology protects encoder from external debris; LED eases installation and diagnostics; 36-mm diameter; programmable via the bus for node address, baud rate, and termination for fast startup and position or speed data in real time

(800) 544-7769
Circle 160

Compact brushless servomotors

BSM R-series ac servomotors offer a high performance, low-maintenance alternative to stepper motors and dc servos.

Features & benefits

  • Peak torques to 33.63 lb-in., fast acceleration, small 1.6 and 2.4 in. square bodies

  • Suitable for packaging and labeling, materials handling, semiconductor manufacturing, winding and printing automation

  • Cog free, smooth motion at slow speeds, choice of one or two winding stacks; stall torque ratings 1.4 to 11.24 lbin., power and feedback connections via long flying leads

  • Optional resolver, 2,000-ppr encoder, 24-Vdc brake

Baldor Electric Co.
(479) 646-4711
Circle 161

Internal locking device

ECOLOC provides strength and stability for heavy-duty applications.

Features & benefits

  • Applications include conveyor belts, turbine rotors, flywheels, brake drums, gears, sprockets

  • RfN 7003-7006 devices directly interchangeable with other commercially available locking devices; slit-ring design for greater shaft tolerance variation, backlash-free, eliminates keys; easily installed, adjusted, removed; available from stock with or without flanges; ¾ to 6-15/16 in., 19 to 180 mm

  • Heavy-duty locking assembly line RfN 7005 Series from 1 to 9 in., to 600 mm

  • RfN 7009 Series up to 7-15/16 in., 600 mm; other sizes available

Ringfeder Corp.
(888) 746-4333
Circle 162

Photoelectric sensors

Harsh-duty E58 Series has industry's only background rejection sensor with a two-wire circuit design.

Features & benefits

  • Resistant to chemical attack, moisture intrusion; can withstand heavy shock and vibration; stainless steel, PVDF, tempered glass components are mechanically assembled using FKM seals to ensure resistance to chemicals

  • Ac and dc operation in a single unit, 18 and 30 mm diameters, visible red aiming beam for quick setup and alignment

  • Withstands lubricants, cutting fluids, coolants, and glycols; CE compliant

Omega Engineering Inc.
(888) 556-6342
Circle 163

Wireless encoders

SwiftComm interface allows real-time wireless control for encoders in motion applications to provide robust signals over a secure network.

Features & benefits

  • Unlike Wi-Fi, exhibits fast boot-up and transmission for seamless interface with existing controls

  • Cabling eliminated; communicates using point-to-point frequency-hopping 2.4 GHz RF protocol; includes broad security code range, encryption, handshaking, error checking

  • NEMA 4 enclosures, panel mounting, antennas, wide-range dc power inputs

BEI Industrial Encoders
Custom Sensors & Technologies of Schneider Electric

(800) 350-2727
Circle 164

Digital drive for control

ION 3000 digital drive offers high power of 500 W and 3,000 W to combine many motors for multi-axis motion positioning.

Features & benefits

  • Magellan Motion Control IC; power amplification; both ION 500 and 3000 available for dc brush, brushless dc, and microstepping motors

  • CAN bus and serial communications accept commands over a network to control trajectory generation, position and current loops; controls a 3-phase brushless motor using FOC or sinusoidal commutation; profiles include S-curve, trapezoidal, velocity contouring, electronic gearing, pulse and direction

  • Hardware performance trace, on-the-fly profile changes, PLC-style inputs and outputs

Performance Motion Devices Inc.
(781) 674-9860
Circle 165

2D laser sensor

New Model ZG profiling laser sensor simplifies setup, shortens inspection time, and reduces hardware with a built-in LCD display.

Features & benefits

  • Full height and width inspection; captures entire shapes by measuring X and Z axes in msecs; measures four items simultaneously

  • Real-time profile display on controller's monitor; profile data

  • Sensing heads capture profiles 3 to 70 mm; remote triggering; calculate measurement values in sync with command input

  • Sub-micron resolution options; 1.8-in. TFT display as NPN or PNP output models; selectable voltage and current analog outputs

Omron Electronics LLC
(866) 886-6766
Circle 166

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