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June 1, 2008
Dc gearmotor M1600 G211 series of single-worm reduction, right-angle gearmotors is designed for applications requiring moderate output torque. Features

Dc gearmotor

M1600 G211 series of single-worm reduction, right-angle gearmotors is designed for applications requiring moderate output torque.

Features & benefits

  • Speeds to 500 rpm; ratings to 15 lb-in.

  • 8:1 to 60:1 ratios and 12-115 Vdc

  • High-energy ceramic magnets, double-shielded ball bearings (motor), and sleeve bearings

  • Externally replaceable brushes, Class F insulation, and auto-hook tang type commutator

RAE Corp.
(815) 385-3500
Circle 160

Linear actuators

Size 14 hybrid linear actuators are available with an integrated connector, and are offered alone or with a harness assembly and a positive latch for high connection integrity.

Features& benefits

  • Connector rated to 3 A and handles wire gauges from 22 to 28

  • Suits applications that require a direct plug-in to pre-existing harnesses

  • Three designs — captive, non-captive, and external linear — available in resolutions from 0.00012 to 0.00192 in./step

  • Deliver thrusts to 50 lb

  • Can be micro stepped for even finer resolutions

Haydon Switch & Instrument Inc.
(800) 243-2715
Circle 161

Stainless-steel shafts

SS2 through SS8 series of spline shafts are available in 304 stainless steel for light to moderate load applications, including those that require a rotary drive with adjustable linear position or a linear guide with high torsional stability.

Features & benefits

  • Range from ⅛ to ½-in. diameters, and include the full range of bushing options for these sizes

  • Include low-friction Kerkote TFE coating to eliminate external lubrication and maintenance

  • Available with any combination of basic or anti-backlash bushing, plain or thread mount bushing, and ¼, ⅜, ½, or ¾-in. diameter shaft

Kerk Motion Products Inc.
(603) 465-7227
Circle 162

Linear magnetic encoders

LM10 linear magnetic encoders offer 100-m travel capability and fit-and-forget operating life to high-speed and high-precision positioning for tough machinery applications.

Features & benefits

  • Solid-state, non-contact design features compact, IP68 readhead that rides at 0.1 to 1.5 mm standoff over a self-adhesive magnetic strip scale

  • Scale coils available as cut-to-length or in lengths to 100 m

  • Operating temperatures from -20° to 85°C, water-proof sealing to IP68, and high resistance to shock, vibrations, and pressure

  • Digital or analog output models offer customer-selectable resolutions including 1, 5, 10, 50, and 100 µm

  • Maximum velocity of 25 m/sec for sinusoidal output; digital models position at 25 m/sec for outputs at 100, 50, and 10 µm resolution; 20 m/sec at 5 µm resolution, and 4 m/sec at 1 µm

Renishaw Inc.
(847) 286-9953
Circle 163

Bevel gearboxes

HDP parallel shaft and HDO right angle gearboxes offer high structural rigidity and gear geometry for optimized load capacity and gear/bearing life.

Features & benefits

  • Current range: nine sizes offer 90 to 180 mm output shaft range covering 124,000 to 650,000 lb-in. output torque

  • Two new sizes will cover output shafts to 210 mm and output torque of 1,200,000 lb-in.

  • Spheroidal cast iron housings

  • SKF Explorer bearings increase shaft bearing life up to 60%

  • Noise levels and vibrations are minimized by using structural simulations based on Boundary Element Method analysis

Bonfiglioli USA
(859) 334-3333
Circle 164

Linear slide

RRL low profile slide is a compact, precision, linear solution for applications that require a small footprint without sacrificing quality.

Features & benefits

  • Offers smooth and quiet motion over long lengths and high loads

  • Rail can be cut to lengths up to 12 ft

  • Carriages consist of sealed double row bearings

  • T-slot components with three mounting configurations

  • Load ratings of 110 lb (axial) and 270 lb (radial)

Pacific Bearing Co.
(800) 962-8979
Circle 165

Vector drives

SMVector Inverters come with polycarbonate plastic NEMA 4X (IP65) enclosures for use with drives that need to be protected against dust, dirt, and the harmful effects of water and corrosion.

Features & benefits

  • Intended for both indoor and outdoor use

  • UV resistant; has an improved resistance to low temperature impact

  • Universal inputs (120 - 600 Vac) up to 10 hp, with plans to expand to 30 hp

Lenze-AC Tech
(508) 278-9100
Circle 166

Drive belt

PowerGrip TruMotion small-pitch, non-marking belt is engineered for drives requiring precision, cleanliness, and reduced noise levels.

Features & benefits

  • Nylon tooth surface reduces dust accumulation (4.5 times less dust generation than a neoprene belt)

  • Three tooth profiles — timing, HTD, and curvilinear — offer exact meshing characteristics for improved registration and elimination of tooth slip

  • Hardened fiberglass tensile cords provide high flex life, and resistance to elongation

  • Clean-running polymer compound body handles temperatures from -40° to 220° F

Gates Corp.
(720) 283-8555
Circle 167

Motor optimizers

Powerboss Integra is a fixed-speed motor solution that dynamically adjusts power to a motor as its load changes.

Features & benefits

  • Constantly monitors motor's load and calculates exact amount of power required at any time

  • Reduces amount of electricity used, increases life-span of motors, and reduces maintenance requirements and amount of carbon dioxide produced at the point of generation

  • 3-phase offers 220 to 1100 V; single-phase offers 110 to 220 V

  • Six sizes come with in-built soft starter

BC International
(714) 779-1556
Circle 168

Closed-loop drives

Digital MD plus series of field-programmable, closed-loop drives for dc motors up to 2 hp features an isolated 4-20 mA input/output signal capability.

Features & benefits

  • Uses an advanced velocity-form PID algorithm for accurate and responsive control

  • Isolated 4-20 mA input and output for easy integration with existing process control systems

  • Universal power supply supports 85-265 Vac input

  • ⅛ or ¼ DIN panel mount with NEMA 4X faceplate or NEMA 4 stand-alone enclosure

  • Displays set point or actual running speed; adjustable PID settings

Dart Controls Inc.
(317) 873-5211
Circle 169

Bellows couplings

MK1/0.5 miniature bellows couplings provide increased control and compensate for misalignment and transmit angular position, torque, and velocity with a high level of accuracy at even high speeds.

Features & benefits

  • Use formed bronze bellows
  • Speeds of 100,000-plus rpm
  • Torque rating of 7 oz-in. within an outside diameter of 6.5 mm
  • Custom bore sizes available from 1 to 3 mm

R+W America
(630) 521-9911
Circle 170

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