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Trivalent-chromium plating process - Enthone Inc.

Sept. 2, 2010
The decorative plating process is more environmentally friendly than hexavalent coating processes.

Trilyte Dusk trivalent-chromium plating process deposits a dark, lustrous, repeatable chromium layer over bright or satin nickel deposits. The coating passes 80 hr of exposure to acetic acid with copper chloride (CASS) in conjunction with multilayer nickel systems, meeting most OEM exterior specifications.
Trilyte Dusk operating solutions are stable over time, even when operated infrequently. Low-maintenance graphite anodes replace MOX (iridium alloy) anodes. The process has less water and air treatment requirements and shorter monitoring time than hexavalent processes.
The coating deposits consistently over normal current-density ranges, is UV stable, tolerates current interruptions, uniformly distributes metal distribution, and reduces or eliminates high-current-density burning.
For further information, download the Trilyte Dusk Fact Sheet.

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