Visible Single-Emitter Diode Lasers

May 10, 2007
A line of bright, single-emitter diode lasers work in the 650 to 690-nm wavelength region.
They come in either C-mount or HHL, and feature 1.5 W of optical power from a 150-mm emitter width at 665, 680, and 690 nm. Typical operating currents are around 2.1 A, with a compliance voltage of 2.2 V and a wall-plug efficiency over 30%. Spectral width is <3 nm, and typical beam divergence is under 42°. Full-width half maximum (FWHM) in the fast-axis direction, and less than 10° FWHM in the slow-axis direction. An AR-coated cylinder lens collimates the fast axis to less than 2°, FWHM, with over 95% power transmission.

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