Level Sensor For Hoses

Nov. 4, 2004
The TLS 100 is said to be the first capacitive level sensor for small tubes and hoses.

The noncontact sensor works with plastic tubes, rubber hoses, and small glass or plastic pipes. It is designed to measure high-dielectric fluids such as those having a water base. Installation consists of snapping the device on the tube at the level that needs monitoring. The standard TLS 100 sensor fits tube and hose diameters of 3/8 and 7/ 16 in.

Aluminum mounting clips serve as sensing electrodes, which increase the adjustable sensitivity range. The sensor provides a transistor alarm output or switched control output up to 1 A. The sensor has an IP65-rated plastic housing, measures 2.33 1.63 0.8 in., and works in media with temperatures ranging from 32 to 194°F. Applications include pharmaceutical manufacturing, food processing, chemical mixing, and detergent dispensing, as well as to protect pumps from running dry when fluids fall below preset values.

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