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Machine Design

Assemble-To-Order Cabinets

A new Service Plus Program provides customers with affordable assemble-to-order cabinets.

The cabinets, based on standard Schroff catalog items, are configured to customers specifications without the need for additional design engineering services or assembly costs. Customers can select from an extensive range of standard components, including doors, side and top covers, various internal mounting equipment, and accessories such as power strips, shelves, and equipment slide rails. Components are then assembled in a bolt-together design into a full-size Eurorack cabinet, which supports 19, 23, and 24-in. equipment and up to 880 lb, or a midsize Minirack cabinet, which supports 19-in. rack-mounted equipment and up to 440 lb. The cabinets have a self-supporting inner frame and an aluminum die-cast top and bottom bolted to four extruded aluminum uprights. They meet ANSI/EIA RS 310-D standards and are suitable for packaging electronics in medical, test and measurement, data and telecom, networking, and security defense applications.

Pentair Electronic Packaging, Schroff Products,
170 Commerce Dr., Warwick, RI 02886,
(401) 732-3770,

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