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ATEX Approved Rotary Position Systems from BEI Save Time

A complete rotary position and speed sensing system from BEI Industrial Encoder Division meets international CENELEC/ATEX hazardous environmental ratings.

The Intrinsically Safe (IS) system consists of a rotary encoder, cable assembly and an intrinsic safety barrier. When combined, these components satisfy requirements for a loop-approved, Class I, Division 1, Group A, B, C and D (EEx ia IIC T4 CENELEC) sensing system.

This engineered solution means that hazardous area system designers no longer have to spend time assuring capability of a grouping of individual components. By specifying standard BEI IS components operators can put a system together quickly that meets safety requirements for a hazardous area. These intrinsic safety rated systems can provide precision position measurement in wireline, slickline, logging, drawworks, coiled tubing, blenders, and power tong applications.

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BEI Industrial Encoder Division

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