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Machine Design

Automated stripping for automakers

An automated system for attaching leakproof stripping directly onto vehicle door jambs and windows is being used by French automaker Renault in the production of the Kangoo, Twingo, and other models. The system was developed by Technorop Automation in Sainte Luce sur Loire, France, and has a strip attachment rate of one vehicle/min.

The fully automated machine attaches rubber strips onto moving or workstation vehicles that have a common shape (three to five doors). First, an operator loads the appropriate length of stripping and peels off the protective film. Using built-in sensors, the machine positions itself on the vehicle's side and exerts a force controlled by an air balancer. When in position, a head fitted with a thumb wheel applies and controls the length of the strip. After applying the strip, the application head returns to its original position.

TAGS: Automotive
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