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Automatic hex-head system - PennEngineering

Automatic hex-head system - PennEngineering

PEM StickScrew System inserts small hex-head screws with a lower-cost, air-powered StickShooter driver and interchangeable nose assemblies. The driver advances a 12-in. "stick" of dozens of serially screws, and the operator squeezes the trigger and places the tip of the rotating screw into the hole. The screw twists off cleanly when precise seating torque is achieved.
Thread-cutting screws come in #2-56 to #6-32 and M3 in 400 series stainless steel. Machine screws and thread-forming screws in steel, brass, and aluminum, and in thread sizes from #0-80 to #8-32 and M1 to M4 are available and can be plated, black oxidized, or hardened.

PennEngineering, 5190 Old Easton Rd., Danboro, PA 18916, (800) 237-4736,

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