Machine Design

Automation comes to winding lines

The new motor-winding system represents an investment of over $3 million. Over 100 Baldor motors and controls are utilized in the operation of the system, which measures 125 65 ft. It's flexible and lets the company produce motors in any volume.

Baldor Electric Co., Fort Smith, Ark., recently installed a new manufacturing system for electric motors, shortening lead times and giving greater manufacturing flexibility.

The new winding system automates virtually the entire manufacturing process, which includes welding and insulating stator laminations, coil winding, testing, and insertion into the motor housing. Stators progress through multiple manufacturing cells along conveyors with minimum human intervention. The line completes a stator approximately once every 25 min at full capacity, versus a turnaround time of nearly 3 hr using the old process. The system produces commercial motors designed for general-purpose applications with low to medium starting torque in horsepower ratings from 1⁄6 through 2 hp.

Baldor servomotors, drives, and Baldor MINT programming software, are at the heart of the new manufacturing assembly line. John McFarland, Baldor president and CEO commented that the new system will let the company better compete with foreign motors, offering better quality, more variety, and shorter lead times.

Depicted in the system layout is statorproduction flow moving in and out of successive manufacturing cells.

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