Machine Design

Autos for the New Millennium

Take a look at what automakers have in store for 2000 and beyond.

Sherri Singer
Associate Editor

As the year 2000 approaches, automakers present their offerings for the new millennium. And, like children with sugarplums dancing in their heads, motorheads dream of what sort of vehicles the fresh new year may bring.

The millennium will see the rebirth of retired models, such as the Chevy Impala and Ford’s Thunderbird. There will be forays into areas previously unexplored, such as Saturn’s venture into full-sized sedans with the L-Series. New models are born, such as the Lincoln LS, a sporty version of a car line once considered to be your grandfather’s car. And, to feed the sport-ute frenzy, the Ford Excursion rears its gigantic head, exceeding the size of the GMC Suburban, its only competition so far.

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