Motion System Design

Baby steps

Most hybrid motors step fast like variable reluctance varieties, while boosting torque with permanent magnets. But these stepmotors go one step further using precision stators to maximize torque density by minimizing the airgap. The stators are bored out with a honing mandrel, resulting in an extra-tight fit between rotor and stator. A motor with a 1.30-in. stack can now produce 2.5 oz-in. of torque combined with the accuracy of two-phase 1.8° stepping.


On display: 208-Series stepmotor

Key features: Precision bored stators, extremely tight airgap

What it means to you: The smallest NEMA-8 two-phase hybrid stepper available, generating 2.5 oz-in. of holding torque from a 1.30-in. stack with a 0.79-in. square cross-section

What else: A larger version (1.69 in.) weighing only 0.13-lb produces 4.2 oz-in. of torque; rear-shaft extension standard on all models.

Innovator: Lin Engineering Inc.

For more info: Call (408) 919-0200 or visit

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