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Machine Design

Ball Screws

Ground and rolled-thread ball screws come in 3 to 125-mm shaft diameters with a wide variety of pitches.

The screws can be configured with various nut styles including single, pitchshift and double nut executions. Single nuts can be provided either preloaded, using ball oversize, or with some play. For compactness, internal ball recirculation is used instead of tubes. Brass, steel, or plastic ball deflectors provide smooth motion and less wear on balls than external tube systems. The balls follow a CAD-designed arc when crossing the screw’s major diameter to enter the next thread groove, and are held in close contact with the screw surface. The small-body diameter of the ballreturn inserts allows the use of larger screw nominal diameters, while maintaining the same nut outer diameter.

Steinmeyer Inc., 217 Middlesex Turnpike, Burlington, MA 01803, (781) 273-6220,

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