Machine Design

Bar-Code Scanner Is Tiny But Speedy

The CLV 405 bar-code scanner is small, measuring 1.75 X 1.17 X 0.85 in.

Scan rate is 300 to 1,000 Hz and reading range is 2 to 10 in. Typical applications include robotics, clinical analyzers, PCB identification, and document handling. The scanners are available in low and highdensity versions, line and raster versions, as well as with straight and side-emitting windows. They also incorporate an LED to indicate how well the scanner is reading a code, an Auto Setup function that can be started at the touch of a button, and a visibly limiting scan line.

Sick Inc., 6900 W. 110th St., Minneapolis, MN 55438, (800) 325-7425,

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