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Bearing isolator shaft-ground ring - Electro Static Technology

The Aegis 841 SGR bearing isolator shaft-grounding ring protects severe-duty motor bearings from harmful VFD-induced shaft currents and from contaminants with an IP56 noncontact seal.
Designed for long-term protection, the SGR’s shaft-grounding ring and noncontact IP56 bearing isolator withstand dust and powerful jetting water. By diverting VFD-induced shaft currents around bearings safely to ground, the ring protects them from bearing fluting that leads to noise and vibration and results in motor failure. The SGR’s bearing isolator features an Anti-Clog slinger drain system that chops and ejects foreign matter to prevent the drain from plugging up.
Electro Static Technology, 31 Winterbrook Rd., Mechanic Falls, ME 04256, (866) 738-1857,

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