Machine Design

Bearings Products: Deep-Groove Bearings

Explorer deep-groove ball bearings are designed with precise tolerances and surface finishes for low-friction operation.

The bearings meet ISO tolerance Class P5 and ABMA ABEC Class 5 (up to 52 mm outside diameter) for running accuracy and ISO tolerance Class 6 and ABMA ABEC Class 3 for dimensional accuracy. Width accuracy exceeds ISO tolerance Class Normal for less tolerance stackup in shaft systems.

They are manufactured from steel with little oxygen content for longer service life and better fatigue performance. The bearings are sealed for grease retention and contaminant exclusion. Ultraquiet, food quality, and hightemperature lubrication options can be specified. Bore sizes from 5 to 130 mm are available.

1510 Gehman Rd.
Kulpsville, PA 19443
(800) 440-4753

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