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Belt-drive system - TB Wood’s Inc.

The QT Power Chain II belt drive consists of a synchronous belt, sprockets, bushings, and idlers. New sizes of belts and sprockets, along with a 40% increase in power ratings, let the drives be used in more-compact and narrower widths.

The unit’s body and teeth are made of a blended polyurethane compound for adhesion to tensile cords and heavy-nylon tooth facing, letting the belt resist abrasion and chemical attack. The belts are made from aramid-fiber tensile cords, which provide flex-fatigue life and high impact strength to handle shock and surge loading.

With no metal-to-metal contact between the belt and sprocket, sprocket life increases by a factor of 10, compared to roller-chain sprockets. The sprockets are designed to carry hefty power loads using a Taper-Lock bushing. Taper-Lock bushings are split through the flange and taper to provide a true clamp fit on the shaft, equivalent to a shrink fit.
TB Wood’s Inc., 440 N. Fifth Ave., Chambersburg, PA 17201, (888) 829-6637,

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