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Motion System Design

Better By Design

Attractive springs

Instead of using electricity or pressed air, MagSpring magnetic springs use permanent magnets and iron to deliver a constant force for assisting and resisting loads. Magnets are located inside the slider, stator, or both. Beneficial in vertical as well as horizontal applications, MagSprings compensate for payload weight, giving smaller motors greater range. During power losses, they can raise, hold, or more slowly lower a payload.


On display: MagSpring Magnetic Springs

Key feature: Passive design based on permanent magnets

What it means to you: Constant assist/resist force over a wide range without need for electricity or air.

What else: Patent pending design; needs no maintenance; mounts like a gas spring.

Innovator: LinMot Inc., Delavan, Wis.

For more info: Call (877) 546-3270 or visit
Circle 290

Drive on

The H2 industrial drive combines reliability, ease of use, and high performance. In-circuit and functional testing of each circuit board improve reliability, while operator enhancements — including a graphical keyboard display, faster navigation, and extensive diagnostic information — simplify use. Choice of vector, encoderless vector, and ac servomotor control modes ensure optimum performance for any application. Expansion boards let users install additional inputs and outputs in the field.


On display: H2 Adjustable Speed Drive

Key feature: Matches motor control type to application

What it means to you: Greater reliability, ease of use, and higher performance.

What else: Available from 1 to 60 hp.

Innovator: Baldor Electric Co., Fort Smith, Ark.

For more info: Call (479) 646-4711 or visit
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