Motion System Design


Compact motion

Based on the Magellan motion processor, the single-axis ION digital drive operates on 12-56 V and 8-15 A (optional heatsink increases current), delivering up to 550 W. The host sends commands such as position, velocity, acceleration, and jerk across the network and generates a trajectory on-the-fly. Profiling modes — S-curve, trapezoidal, velocity contouring, and electronic gearing — are user-selectable. Servo-loop compensation employs a 32-bit position error, PID with velocity and acceleration feedforward, integration limit, and dual biquad filters for complex loads. Other attributes include stall detection and field-oriented and digital-torque control.


On display: ION Digital Drive

Key feature: Built-in CANBus and serial communications

What it means to you: Control, network connectivity, and power amplification for brush, brushless dc, and step motors.

What else: Additional features consist of limit switches, breakpoints, secondary encoder input, and I/O.

Innovator: Performance Motion Devices Inc., Lincoln, Mass.

For more info: Call (781) 674-9860 or visit
Circle 228

Equal input

The pull-type Equalizer eliminates voltage variations and temperature fluctuations by using PWM to change duty cycles. Modulation affects pulse duration, which changes according to data interpreted by the microprocessor. The solenoid operates at ambient temperatures between -40° and 105° C, returns 12 to 25 lbf from a power source of six to 16 V, and enables remote control. Three pins allot wires for battery positive, ground, and a command line. Available in side or flange-mount designs, the Equalizer is customizable to pull-in time duration, force, minimum voltage, thermal shutdown, and current variations.


On display: Equalizer Solenoid

Key feature: Design eliminates external switches, fine winding, and fragile interconnect wiring.

What it means to you: Decreased size: Solenoid, controller (located under end cap and connector shell), and wire harness unite in a single component.

What else: Single-coil winding reduces continuous-operating power by 50%.

Innovator: Trombetta Motion Tech., Menomonee Falls, Wis.

For more info: Call (262) 251-5454 or visit
Circle 229

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