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Motion System Design


Rack and roll

While most driving pinions that mate with rack gears are toothed, one innovative system restricts teeth to the linear component. Its pinion consists of friction-reducing, bearing-supported rollers that move smoothly along each tooth face, generating little heat and wear. Compared to traditional rack-and-pinion and ballscrew actuators, roller pinion systems run better, last longer, and find position at speeds of up to 36 ft/sec. They are suited for servo-controlled fixtures, machine tools, gantry systems, and large precision grinding and milling machinery.


On display: Precision Roller Pinion System

Key feature: Bearing-supported roller “teeth”

What it means to you: Rotary motion is converted into accurate, backlash-free linear motion, even at high speeds.

What else: Configurable to any distance using rack segments.

Innovator: Nexen Group Inc., Vadnais Heights, Minn.

For more info: Call (651)286-1054 or visit
Circle 246

Grounded for life

Variable frequency drives (VFDs) can induce unwanted current in the shafts of ac motors. Once this current overcomes the electrical resistance of grease in the bearings supporting the shaft, it discharges through the bearings and causes frosting, pitting, fluting, and fusion craters — which can lead to premature motor failure. To counter this problem, Aegis couplings provide an ultra-low impedance path from the motor shaft to the frame, so current passes to ground without damaging motor bearings. More effective than brushes, the Aegis design also provides cleanroom-quality bearing isolation with a water-spray and dust-proof seal.


On display: Aegis Shaft Grounding Coupling

Key feature: “Virtual short” between shaft and motor frame

What it means to you: Prevents early motor failure by eliminating shaft current and voltage buildup on bearings.

What else: Easily installed, maintenance free; suitable for cleanroom, petrochemical, and manufacturing applications where VFDs are used.

Innovator: Electro Static Technology, Mechanic Falls, Maine

For more info: Call (207) 998-3493 or visit
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