Machine Design

A Better Way To Store And Run CAD Macros

LaunchPad is a drafting enhancement for AutoCAD that stores macros and instructions for repetitive tasks.

LaunchPad saves keystrokes by doing more than one thing when the keys are executed. For example, hit 55 to launch the Line command. A program called Dexterity Builder runs users through exercises to teach the key locations and train fingers to better operate the keypad.

The product saves keystrokes and makes users faster with CAD. The product includes an ergonomic keypad, (the LaunchPad) along with supporting software. The keypad plugs into a USB port, sits at the left side of the keyboard (for right handers), and improves AutoCAD drafting work by splitting the workload between left and right hands. Repetitive stress in the dominant hand is reduced by shifting almost all command entry and selections to the other, leaving the dominant hand and the mouse to pick window coordinates and edit picks. Instead of using pull-downs, screen menus, or icons, the keypad executes commands, including loading LISP routines. The design lets CAD operators perform redundant command selections without risking eye fatigue from looking down at the keyboard or looking away from the work to search for menus or toolbars. Street price: $29.95.

Advanced CAD Productions,
(480) 949-8989,

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