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Biodegradable LPDE bottle caps - Norland International Inc.

Biodegradable LPDE bottle caps - Norland International Inc.

Earth Cap injection-molded oxo-biodegradable 55-mm-diameter LDPE caps for 5-gal water bottles degrade in 5- 10 yr. The caps contain biodegradable non-adhesive tamper-evident labels and 2-mm foam seals. They have a 2-yr shelf life and are FDA compliant.
An additive blended into the LDPE with a mixing and drying system lets the cap embrittle and break down when disposed of and exposed to UV light, heat, and moisture. Chemically aided breakdown lowers molecular weight until the material becomes available can be digested by bacteria. The additive is compatible with recycling systems.

Norland International Inc., 2001 SW 6th St., Lincoln, NE 68522, (402) 441-3737,

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