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Machine Design

Blade and PC Relay

The RJ and RQ Series of generalpurpose relays feature a 12-A SPDT and an 8-A DPDT contact with a special 16-A SPDT model available.

Both relays are rated for 200 K cycles at full ac resistive load. A nonpolarized green LED indicates power status. The RJ blade relay along with its SJ socket is 15.5-mm wide, reducing total DIN width requirements. The RQ PCB relay uses standard 3.5 and 5-mm pin terminal separation and measures 15.6 12.6 29 mm. The RJ relays are rated UL, CSA, VDE, and CE marked in compliance with IEC 61810-1. The RQ relays are UL and c-UL, TUV, and CE marked.

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