Machine Design

Blind Threaded Inserts

MaxTite threaded inserts feature a full-hex body design, a thick head, and heavy walls to resist torque-out in demanding, high-load applications. Unified thread sizes range from #10-32 to 516-18. When permanently installed in sheets, panels, or closed-end structures as thin as 0.01 in., MaxTite full-hex inserts provide strong metal threads and can serve as alternatives to tapped holes, weld nuts, rivets, and self-drilling or tapping screws. The inserts can be used in blind-attachment applications where only one side of a workpiece is accessible for fastener installation. Once the inserts are installed into hex holes using spin/pull tooling, only a mating screw is needed to complete the assembly.

Atlas Engineering, 1510 St. Clair Ave., Kent, OH 44240, (330) 676-1006.

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