Machine Design

Blind Threaded Inserts

Atlas SpinTite blind-threaded inserts are suitable for workpieces where only one side is accessible.

This makes for quick and easy attachment of components using a single mating screw. During installation, several thin sheets of dissimilar materials can be assembled before attaching final components, eliminating the need for spot welding or other secondary operations. The fasteners come in brass, steel, and stainless steel, can be used in panels as thin as 0.020 in./0.51 mm, and can be permanently installed using a handheld portable tool. Available inserts include half-hex shank low-profile head, rib-wall minimized-profile head, rib-wall low-profile head, thin-wall low-profile head, and swaging low-profile head. Thread sizes range from #6-32 through 1 /2in.-16, and M4 through M10.

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