Machine Design

Blower/Heater Combo

HD3D corrosion-resistant blower heaters provide comfort heating and prevent freezing in harsh, corrosive, dirty, and environments.

Heaters may be installed for horizontal or vertical airflow. All standard HD3D heaters include low-profile stainless-steel brackets, and they are billed as the only down heater on the market that can directly mount to a wall or ceiling. This feature eliminates cost of a separate swivel-mounting bracket. Features include: NEMA-4X control box on the of the heater, special wiring connector providing a watertight seal in the event of motor replacement, color-coded wiring, pilot light, and selector switch at bottom of the front controlbox cover. Applications include wastewater treatment plants, food-processing plants, foundries, construction sites, and swimming-pool areas.

Chromalox Inc.
103 Gamma Dr. Extension
Pittsburgh, PA 15238
(412) 967-3800

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