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Bonding brochures - Henkel Corp.

Bonding brochures - Henkel Corp.

The Magnet Bonding Guide and Design Guide for Electric Motors and Generators brochures provide in-depth information on adhesives and equipment specifically designed for bonding in these applications. The Magnet Bonding Guide covers adhesives for ferrite, neodymium/iron, and alnico magnets. Selector guides detail nine acid-free, noncorrosive Loctite adhesives and manual, semi-automated, and automated dispensing and curing equipment.
The Design Guide for Electric Motors and Generators covers adhesive, sealant and coating technologies used in electric motors and generators. Topics include general bonding, magnet bonding, gasketing, potting, retaining, tacking, threadlocking, thread sealing, wire reinforcement, and surface treatment. The brochure also has a product selector guide broken down by application category.
To request the brochures call (888) 427-3676 or email [email protected] and ask for brochure LT-4320 (Electric motors) or LT-4914 (Magnets).

Henkel Corp., One Henkel Way, Rocky Hill, CT 06067, (860) 571-5100,

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