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Bonds Across the Water

Two polyurethane adhesives have crossed the Atlantic, joining the Araldite 2000 Plus family of epoxy, methacrylate, and polyurethane adhesives from Huntsman Advanced Materials , The Woodlands, Tex. The 2000 Plus range of structural adhesives are known for their lightweight, durable, and long-lasting bonds.

They range from load-bearing versions for bonding met als and composites, resilient and exible options for thermoplastics and metal combinations, and those that cure slowly for large-area application. Various grades l gaps and bond vertical joints, trans parent grades join glass, and others resist high temperatures and chemicals and bond in minutes. Both grades are low-shrink polyurethane adhesives that are more exible (i.e., high elongation) than their epoxy counterparts.

Araldite 2018 is a low-viscosity, easy-to-handle polyurethane for bonding tough-to-join thermoplas tics including ABS, SMC, polycar bonate, and glass-reinforced com posites. Bonded assemblies are strong enough to handle in 4 hr at ambient temperature or in 4 min at 212°F (100°C). The adhesive also has good UV stability.

Araldite 2055 is a gap-filling polyurethane adhesive for use on polyamides, thermoset composites, ABS, metals, and ceramics. It features a 1-hr pot life, making it suitable for assembling large parts. It cures in 20 min at 212°F (100°C) and maintains good bond strength even when exposed to heat, and humidity.

Huntsman Advance Materials, (281) 719-6000,

A European boatmaker used Araldite 2018 to glue acrylic navigation-equipment screens into their ABS housings. The ible polyurethane adhesive resists vibrations and water and has better shear and peel strength than the adhesive it replaced.

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