Machine Design

Bore And Shaft Alignment

The Microgage bore alignment kit aligns extrusion presses, rams, precision screws, lathes and turning centers, propeller shafts and stern tubes, and bar feeders.

The kit consists of a cylindrical 2.250 or 1.000-in.-diameter laser that is held right in the bore, tool-holder, chuck, or shaft mount. A digital receiver projects the beam. The mount is reversible so the receiver can catch the beam coming either through the bore tube or from the outside. Measurement readings, in a range of over 80 ft, are transmitted to a handheld display. A computer interface stores the readings and connects the Microgage to programs and spreadsheets.

Pinpoint Laser Systems
3 Graf Rd., Suite 14
Newburyport, MA 01950
(800) 757-5383

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