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Bottle palletizer - Proco Machinery Inc.

Bottle palletizer - Proco Machinery Inc.

The Multipak Palletizer packs up to 150 bottles/min in half-cube or full cube pallets up to 105 in. high or in trays or boxes. The equipment stores and feeds pallets onto a conveyor for movement in and out of the system, stores slip sheets and places them between pallet layers, and stores top frames and places them on top of the pallet.
The modular, moveable equipment operates in semi-automatic and fully automatic modes via a touch-screen, menu-driven PLC control system. The unit's rectangular shape fits most blow-molding lines and mounts with grippers, vacuum cups, or chucks. simplifies operation and setup.

Proco Machinery Inc., 1111 Brevik Place, Mississauga, ON, Canada, (905) 602-6066,

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