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Machine Design

Brochure On Vibration Sensing

A brochure detailing the use and benefits of 4-to-20-mA vibration-sensing products focuses on machinery-health monitoring. The brochure teaches users how to create a flexible, scalable vibration-monitoring network with the company's iT Transmitter, iT Alarm, and iT Communication modules. It also explains how to trend 4-to-20-mA data to monitor machinery health without a separate and costly vibration-monitoring program. The LPS Series of loop-powered vibration sensors have over 600 models that provide accelerometer and vibration transmitters in industrial housings. Most can connect directly to a PLC or DCS.

Wilcoxon Research Inc., 20511 Seneca Meadows Pkwy., Germantown, MD 20876, (800) 945-2696,

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