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Machine Design

Brushless-DC Motor System

The BLF Series of brushless-dc motor systems adopts a new design for its motor, gearhead, and driver.

Speed control is now over the range of 80 to 4,000 rpm (50:1). The Series is IP65 rated providing splash and dust protection. A detachable digital operator serves as both data-input unit and digital display that is usable up to 16.4 ft (5 m) away from the driver. Users can program eight separate speed levels in one-revolution increments with separate acceleration and deceleration values. Motor and driver-error detection includes overload, overvoltage, missing phase, overspeed, and overcurrent. Errors immediately stop the motor and raise an alarm. Speeds are settable via digital operator, internal potentiometer, external potentiometer, and external variable-dc voltage. The unit comes in 30, 60, and 120-W power ratings.

Oriental Motor, 2570 W. 237th St., Torrance, CA 90505, (800) 418-7903,

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