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Brushless gearmotor goes modular

To give gearmotor buyers the utmost in flexibility, engineers at Thomson Industries Inc., Port Washington, N.Y.,


TitanTrueline brushless gearmotors as a modular unit that combines four customer-selected basic components. The components include a true planetary gearhead, a CE-rated brushless servomotor, a commutating, incremental encoder, and an optional emergency holding brake.

The gearheads feature a keyed, stainless-steel, one-piece output shaft/cage assembly in standard metric (sizes 60, 90, or 115) and inch (NEMA sizes 23, 24, and 42) pilot and mounting interfaces. The gearhead includes dual, deep-groove ball bearings that maximize allowable shaft loading and prolong the units life. Standard ratios include nine reductions ranging from 3:1 through 100:1. The servomotor uses samarian cobalt magnets to minimize the natural degradation that accompanies rising temperatures during operation. Its rotor uses an 8-pole design in smaller sizes and a 12-pole design for the larger sizes for smooth output. The units encoder provides position and velocity feedback and has a standard 1,000 lines/rev resolution with three-channel (A, B, and index) quadrature output. Digital output signals are TTL compatible and a line driver boosts signal strength to minimize effects of noise on long cable runs. The optional brake generates torque rivaling that of the motor, an essential feature in applications with vertical loading, or where safety concerns are an issue. The spring-set electromagnetic brakes are configured for rapid-response power-off braking. An optional material triples the brakes holding power for applications that require extreme holding torque.

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