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Machine Design

Bus coupler and controller

The BC9100 bus-terminal controller and the BK9100 bus coupler have an integrated two-port switch that simplifies cabling between Ethernet stations and reduces overall wiring.

The couplers connect some 180 different I/O terminals with Ethernet TCP/IP. The controller adds an IEC 61131-3 programmable PLC and can be used as a low-cost controller.

Both devices feature an RJ 45 port with an integrated two-channel switch. I/O stations can be configured with line topology via switch or hub, reducing the amount of wiring as well as cabling costs. They support 10 and 100-Mbaud Ethernet with automatic transfer-rate detection. Beckhoff Automation LLC, 12150 Nicollet Ave. S, Burnsville, MN 5537, (952) 890-0000,

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