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Cable carrier works without hinged links

A new cable-carrying system from KabelSchlepp in Milwaukee, the Quantum system, does away with the link construction used in other systems to give the carriers flexibility to bend and go around corners.

Instead, it used two flexible sidebands extruded from polypropylene connected by aluminum or plastic frame stays. For strength and durability, steel cables are extruded directly into the sidebands. The result is a lightweight, strong, cable carrier that resists UV radiation, lubricants, and coolants, and handles temperatures ranging from -40 to 80C.The one-piece sidebands are flexible enough to handle 30 twists. The lack of links also makes the carrier system one of the quietest less than 60 dB(A).

The carrier can handle accelerations up to 10 gs and operate at speeds of 20 m/sec for travel lengths up to 100 meters. Testing shows the carriers can survive over 25 million operational cycles. Because it does not use moving links, which generate dust, the Quantum system is one of the few cable carriers that meets clean-room standards.

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