Machine Design

CAD Edits Models Made Elsewhere

Direct Editing (DE) in Solid Edge V17 helps users simplify the design of complex models and streamline interoperability with imported 3D geometry.

The alternate position feature in Solid Edge lets users test variations possible in complex designs.

DE lets users edit models without having to edit the history tree. Direct Editing lets users edit native complex parametric models. The feature also allows editing imported 3D geometry from any source, without having to import features and parameters. Users can modify 3D data from other sources and coexist with, or migrate from, competitive CAD systems. Users can also modify 3D models from NX, thus enhancing interoperability with NX.

UGS, Solid Edge Group,
675 Discovery Dr. NW, Suite 100, Huntsville, AL 35806,
(256) 705-2500,

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