Machine Design

CAD Improves Usability And Reverse Engineering

Modeling improvements in NX 4 streamline workflows for creating and refining free-form shapes.

Advanced modeling tools in NX 4 include a variational sweep feature that provides an intuitive, efficient method for creating flanges on complex geometry.

For direct curve and surface manipulation, the tool set supports relative and absolute movement of control points and poles.

Reverse engineering from physical models and scanned data benefits-from new tools in NX 4 that fit splines to point sets, facets, other splines or surfaces, with full control of tolerance and connectivity up to G2 continuity. Reverse engineering can begin by fitting surfaces instead of curves to scanned data or other surface geometry, with full control over degree and spans. NX 4 lets designers control and validate the surface fitting by selecting target and reference objects and specifying deviation ranges.

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