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Machine Design

A CAD For Motors

Motor-CAD V2 features several new machines and a range of improvements.

Motor-CAD users characterize designs by controlling input parameters such as 3D geometry, conductor type, winding layout, and power controls, and electrical and mechanical losses.

For example, the software can guide the design of brushless permanent-magnet motors, induction motors, switched-reluctance motors, brush permanent-magnet motors, and synchronous and claw-pole generators. The software computes the thermal solution of a design using lumped-parameter circuit modeling. Users can perform either steadystate or transient analysis with complex duty-cycles. Potential cooling configurations can be explored to identify promising alternatives and those prone to thermal failure. ActiveX development lets users vary input and output parameters, control the simulation process, and explore various motor sensitivities.
Magsoft Corp.,
20 Prospect St., Ballston Spa, NY 12020,
(518) 884-5050,


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