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CAD Sports Document Imaging

VersaCAD Explorer, a standard part of VersaCAD 2004 for Windows, provides document imaging and the most-used management features.

Key F11 brings up the Explorer in VersaCAD, and accessing the file server shows the path and file name of all the VersaCAD drawings on that server.

Click what you want to see as thumbnails and they appear. Another click produces a larger version. Double click to open the file in VersaCAD and it's ready for viewing, editing, or printing. If someone else has the file open, users are warned that it is locked for editing. Users can e-mail the person to resolve the situation. Price: VersaCAD 2004 for Windows, $795.

Archway Systems
2134 Main St., Suite 160
Huntington Beach, CA 92648
(714) 374-0440

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