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Machine Design

Calculate And Optimize Mechanical Components

Mechanical-engineering software KISSsoft uses the latest standards (DIN, ISO, AGMA) to perform reliable calculations for design parameters, validation, and strength analysis for mechanical components, such as gearboxes.

The gear calculation section in KISSsoft performs standardize d methods for strength analysis and offers many additional calculations, including transmission error under load (for noise reduction), proposals for profile modification s, and sliding speeds.

Users can, for example, calculate the geometry and strength of cylindrical gearing and the deflection and resonant frequencies of shafts and bearings. They can also validate that splines, toothed belts, and chain drives will work as designed. A reporting function provides complete documentation of all calculations, including safety factors and expected life.

KISSsoft U.S.A. LLC, 3719 N. Spring Grove Rd., Johnsburg, Il 60050, (815) 363-8823,

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