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Calibrators For Temperatures

The ATC140A/B and ATC250A/B liquid baths are now part of the Jofra Advanced Temperature Calibrators.

The units are configured much like the ATC Series of dry-block calibrators, but can be used as liquid-bath calibrators. This lets them work in gas or liquid-filled probes, glass thermometers, and multiple-probe applications. Calibrators can be ordered either as liquid baths or as dry blocks, or kits that switch from one style to the other. The units are fitted with a 160-mm deep well with a 63.5-mm diameter (twice the size of any other Jofra dry block). The units have the same look, feel, and features of other ATC models.

Ametek Test & Calibration Instruments,
8600 Somerset Dr., Largo, FL 33773,
(727) 536-7831,

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