Machine Design

Cartridge provides lubricant for monorail guideways

SPL lubrication cartridges work with any of the company's standard monorail carriages. It comes preassembled for new monorail carriages or separately for existing systems. Single piece prices start at less than $90.

A monorail accessory called the SPL Lubrication Cartridge supplies a continuous flow of lubricant to critical surfaces of the developer's profile linear guideways. For light to medium-duty applications, the cartridge can replace the central lubrication system and minimize the scheduled relube maintenance associated with recirculating roller products.

The SPL cartridge attaches to one or both sides of a standard recirculating roller carriage and works in any carriage orientation. Seven lubricant dispensing pads let oil flow from the cartridge reservoir onto the guideway running surfaces, including the top of the rail. This ensures the proper amount of lubricant to recirculating rollers and carriage end seals. A full cartridge is capable of dispensing the lubricant for more than 3,000 miles of travel.

This information provided by Schneeberger Inc., Bedford, Mass.

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