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SingleTech Solus casters come in four swivel and four totallock swivel models.

The casters incorporate pressure-die-cast-aluminum shells featuring soft streamline contours. They are engineered to swivel freely in all directions. Total-lock models feature a brake mechanism activated by light pressure on a smooth-contoured pedal of reinforced thermoplastic. Wheel and swivel lock simultaneously. Load capacities range from 198 to 297 lb. Models with 4 and 5-in.-wheel diameters are available in overall heights of 142 to 178 mm. feature a ball bearing for low rolling resistance and durability. Standard wheels include gray polyurethane and gray rubber. Available options include "gold seal" washable casters, color finishes, electrically conductive tires, alternative mounting stem and fixing thread sizes, and a directional lock for the total-lock models.

The Revvo Caster Co. Inc.
2420 North America Dr.
West Seneca, NY 14224
(888) 883-3596

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