Machine Design

Catalog of Collapsible And Solid Taps

A new catalog featuring collapsible and solid adjustable taps includes rotary and stationary tapping models, and taps for right or left-hand threads.

Collapsible taps have interchangeable tap heads and a common body, and will tap virtually any thread form with the appropriate chaser. Styles include: Model ALTs for straight-thread tapping, Model LLs, receding chaser taps for longer-length API, NPT, and BSTP tapping, and Model LLSRs for LL applications requiring shorter receding taps. Solid Adjustable Taps are for high production tapping on reversing spindle and automatic screw machines. They have wide adjustment ranges for various thread fits and to compensate for chaser wear and regrinding.

Landis Threading Systems,
1 Teledyne Place, La Vergne, TN 37086,
(615) 615-4333,

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