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Machine Design

CCD vision system

The CV-2600 high-speed machine-vision system has a 2 mega-pixel (1,620 1,220) CCD built into the camera's small housing.

The CCD can inspect an area four times larger than conventional cameras, saving installation time and cost. The CV-2600 controller also supports two cameras for double the coverage area. The supersmall, double-speed, progressive-reading camera can mount in tight spaces. There is no need for expensive strobe lighting and sensitivity is adjustable in 81 increments. For robotic applications, a high-flex camera cable, capable of over 1 million bend cycles, is available. The CV-2600 features numerous inspection tools including area, pattern search, multiple search, edge angle, edge width, number of edges/pitch, stain, blob, intensity, trend edge position, and trend edge width. The CCD, combined with a LVDS transfer method, operates 2.5 times faster than conventional models. Accuracy and repeatability down to ± 0.05 pixels comes from the combination of subpixel processing and digitized image data.

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Woodcliff Lake, NJ 07677
(888) 539-3623

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