Machine Design

CFD Adds Thin Surfaces, Moving Parts, And More

Cfdesign V8 fluid-flow software is aimed at designers and so integrates with most widely used CAD systems for model building.

The disk brake can be viewed in the Design Review Center to see how heat dissipates while it's turning.

Wizards guide the simulation prep and algorithms control the process. New features include wall recognition and start-up of turbulence, mesh enhancements, and automatic convergence assessment. A Design Review Center allows comparing results of different simulations and easily sending 3D results to others for their examination. A Basic version calculates local wall roughness height and a diffusion coefficient to model transport of mass and offgassing of chemicals into fluids. An Advanced module allows transferring FEA loads from multiple time steps and expanded Joule heating of a conducting material subject to voltage and current. And a Motion module lets components move linearly, rotate, wobble (like a coin on its edge), and orbit (like an unbalanced ceiling fan). A variety of fluid-structure interactions and transient conditions can be studied.

Blue Ridge Numerics Inc.,
3315 Berkmar Dr., Chalottesville, VA 22901,
(434) 977-2764,

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