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CFD Post Turns More Interactive

Acuitiv V4.0 delivers an interactive, enterprise-class CFD visualization for industries worldwide, including automotive, aerospace and defense, power, and chemicals.

CFD visualizer Acuitiv v4.0 offers steady-state model visualization where all of the model's data can be visualized on a single client. The software supports timelines that connect animated flow objects and flow animation options.

The software provides a new suite of interactive tools for transient-model visualization, multi-PC visualization sessions, and steady-state model support. Features include transient-model visualization, the ability to read Fluent transient datasets, and it offers interactive tools for visualizing these complex datasets through the use of contours, isosurfaces, streamlines, pathlines, streaklines, timelines, and point queries. Global Time Control lets users control transient animations. They feature track-time elements inherent in transient analysis.

Fuel Tech Inc.
512 Kingsland Dr.
Batavia, IL 60510
(630) 845-4500

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