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Machine Design

Chemical Fasteners

Fast-curing preapplied Precote chemical adhesives offer vibration-resistant locking and sealing for internal and external fastener applications.

Precote is a duomicroencapsulated thread adhesive which will not prematurely harden due to moisture and/or solvent penetration. The adhesives come in various strengths distinguished by color. Precote 5 (white) is for thread sealing only; Precote 30 (yellow) seals and locks with lower strength for easy removal; Precote 80 (pink) is for standard locking with high strength and temperature resistance up to 340°; Precote 85 (turquoise) is a high-strength thread coating with friction control; and Precote 9-12 is for fastener sizes #M10 and smaller. The adhesives are ideal for automotive, aerospace, electronics, telecommunications, and other high-tech industries as they eliminate the need for additional locking devices.

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